pencil art BY Frank LaMartina

As a high school student my ambition was to be an “Artist.”  I attended four art classes a day in my senior year knowing the military was going to be my profession after graduation.  During my early art development I experimented with many media but found pencil to be my passion. 

After serving a four year term in the Air Force, going to college and starting a family, I discovered a passion for the beauty of nature, particularly in trees and landscape scenery.  To express that passion I returned to my love of art.  With a little coaxing from my wife and a gift of art supplies at Christmas, the “artist” had been reborn.

 I work for a contracting business which occupies a lot of my time.  It is challenging to balance work, family and life's demands to make my pencil art more than just an idle hobby. 

Today I enjoy creating renditions of natures’ beauty which draws people to a relaxing place they can visually escape.